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Marcin - Moonlight Sonata on One Guitar (Official Video)


Moonlight Sonata arranged and performed by Marcin (from the 1st and 3rd movements).

Listen & download the single ‘Moonlight Sonata’ here:

Tabs & Sheet Music available on:

He possesses dynamic and dazzling virtuosity, a uniquely percussive style – “I use the body of my guitar to produce kicks, snares, scratches” – and awe-inspiring ingenuity as an arranger and producer across multiple styles and genres. So it is little surprise that Sony Music Masterworks signed young Polish guitarist Marcin almost immediately upon hearing him. Now, for his eagerly anticipated first single on the label, the 19-year-old guitar superstar releases his own innovative arrangement of the first and third movements of Beethoven’s famous ‘Moonlight Sonata’. FOLLOW MARCIN:

► Website, Tabs & Tour Dates:

Video Concept: Marcin Production Company: TOMASENS @tomasenscru Video producers: Marcin, TOMASENS Production Assistant: DF - Zdanowski Editing: TOMASENS Opening Captions: Empadé Design Studio Makeup: Kinga Puchała Special Thanks: Kielce Cathedral Administration, Robert Malicki, Piotr & Lidia Patrzałek FOLLOW SONY MASTERWORKS:

► Sony Masterworks Youtube:

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Release date: 26 June 2020 © 2020 Sony Masterworks, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. #Marcin #MoonlightSonata #Vevo



Marcin – Moonlight Sonata on One Guitar (Official Video)
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